Why people Quit, Quitting is a human thing?

Quitting is a human thing. We quit diets, quit jobs, quit eating, quit watching television at night, and well, quitting is normal and many times good for us.

If we feel like quitting because we can’t build a business or productive team, consider these two solutions first.

Solution #1. Talk to hundreds or thousands of prospects. Hope to find the rare individuals who aren't quitters, who are totally self-motivated, and will ignore our feeble sales pitch.

Solution #2. Learn to use better words and phrases so we don't talk prospects out of using our services, and then we don't have to talk to so many people.

Both ways work.

But most professionals prefer Solution #2. Saying good things makes our business easy.

Stories activate emotions.

How good are our stories?

Stories are not a sales pitch.

Tell a prospect about a problem you solved for another client, a similar problem the prospect has, they will think “that’s me” then you have a chance to explain how you can sort out their problem.

People are interested in solving their problems, not listening to our features and benefits.


I thought it was the tumble dryer that shrank my clothes. Turns out it was the refrigerator.​

The writer of 'The Hokey Cokey" song has died.

It was a struggle getting him in the coffin.

They put his left leg in, then the trouble started.




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