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What we don't know ... stops us in our tracks!

‚Äč The only thing between us and where we want to be is a bunch of stuff, we don’t know ... yet. If we knew that stuff, we would already be where we wanted to be. It is what we don’t know that holds us back. Many years ago, I created the perfect presentation. Every fact was illustrated, any objections were pre-addressed, and all information led to the close. I put my offering in a brilliant light, on a pedestal, ready to accept new business. And then the universe said, "Bernie, you are an idiot!" It is what we don’t know that holds... Read full article

Born to be happy....

Professor of Psychology, Ed Diener, says that "The aim of life is to die young as late as possible." Here are a few tips on how to do just that: 1. If you take a £20 note, crumple it up, throw it on the floor, and tread on it a few times, it may be a little dirty and the worst for wear, but it hasn't lost any of its value. The same is true of you. Remember, what happens to you doesn't change your value. 2. Whatever life you have in you, express it. If you have the urge to bake cakes, do stand-up comedy, or run a marathon ..... overcome the... Read full article

What the hell happened....

At a time when more books on weight loss are sold than any other genre, I'm reminded of the words of bestselling author Chuck Palahniuk, who said, "The goal isn't to live forever. The goal is to create something that will." When we look back at the end of 2020, and delete the nightmares of COVID it will be the same as every other year in that, some people will have done the work to make things happen, and got the results they wanted, some people will have watched things happen, and some people will ask, "What the hell... Read full article