What we don't know ... stops us in our tracks!

The only thing between us and where we want to be is a bunch of stuff, we don’t know ... yet. If we knew that stuff, we would already be where we wanted to be.

It is what we don’t know that holds us back.

Many years ago, I created the perfect presentation. Every fact was illustrated, any objections were pre-addressed, and all information led to the close. I put my offering in a brilliant light, on a pedestal, ready to accept new business.

And then the universe said, "Bernie, you are an idiot!"

It is what we don’t know that holds us back.​

What didn’t I know?​

  1. Most prospects are not moving toward our "shiny object" opportunity. They are not actively looking to listen to our business. Presenting the perfect company was a complete waste of time.
  2. Most prospects are moving away from problems or pain. They are motivated to get away from their current problems.

​So instead of presenting a brilliant opportunity, I should have shut up and listened. Listen for what? The problems. The reasons my prospects wanted change in their lives.

Prospects get motivated to fix their problems. Then they take action.

If we can be great listeners, we will know the problems our prospects want to avoid.

Then, presenting is minimal and easy.

So before pitching our wonderful business and offering, let’s ask ourselves:

"What problems are my prospects running away from?"

Learn new things.

I just learned that: 

"Our sensations initiate in our brain’s thalamus with the first merging of the five senses, before the routing to the higher brain areas. This eventually gives us perception. It is the culmination of the integration that marks perception." 

Okay, I already knew this because I am a brain science nerd. But this is a better way of explaining the phenomena. This will help me translate this nerdy stuff into something useful for us network marketers. 

The point is: 

If we learn one new thing every day that can help our business, where do we think we will be in 100 days? A lot further in our journey! 

Don’t delay. Let’s learn more helpful skills for our business now, so we can get to our destination faster.​

I have created a blended learning program with 5 key skills.​

  1. Building Solid Rapport in seconds
  2. Prospecting and Networking skills
  3. Getting quality appointments on the phone
  4. Closing more easily
  5. Automatic referrals

These skills are a combination of video, audio, work sheets and accountability test with CPD certificates, no travel expense or travel time.

If you want more details email me on bernie@berniedesouza.com


• To be honest, the only reason my wife and I are together is the children. Neither of us wanted custody.

• Henry VIII second wife Anne Boleyn had a brother...... his name was Tenpin.




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