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Sir Richard Branson shared this…

Sir Richard Branson shared this…   When asked what's the biggest thing that stops people from living their dream, Sir Richard Branson replied, "The fear of failure."   Yet this is a fear we're not born with.   We're actually only born with two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. All other fears are learned as we grow up.   Young children are happy because their minds haven't downloaded the file "what could go wrong." They're more awake to each moment than most... Read full article

The New Year celebrations seem years ago

​ The New Year has brought with it the usual celebrations so many forgotten resolutions! Yet despite this surge in advice from the well-intentioned but unlearned people, when we look back at the end of 2020, it will be exactly the same as every other year in that, some people will have done the work - spiritual, mental and physical - to make things happen, and got the results they wanted some people will have watched things happen, and some people will ask, "What the hell happened?" In 2020, I hope that your words are believed, your potential is... Read full article

Why looking for good prospects is ... not the answer.

​ We talked to our friends, and they said, "No." We talked to our relatives, and they said, "Not interested." Finding more new prospects to ruin isn’t the answer. We don’t need more new people to ruin. We need to change what we say. If our best prospects (family and friends) hated what we said, then strangers won’t like what we say any better.   ·         Buying 1,000 names of new prospects to ruin isn’t the... Read full article