Why looking for good prospects is ... not the answer.

We talked to our friends, and they said, "No." We talked to our relatives, and they said, "Not interested."

Finding more new prospects to ruin isn’t the answer.

We don’t need more new people to ruin. We need to change what we say.

If our best prospects (family and friends) hated what we said, then strangers won’t like what we say any better.

·         Buying 1,000 names of new prospects to ruin isn’t the answer.

·         Joining 20 networking clubs isn’t the answer.

·         Spamming Facebook friends isn’t the answer.

·         Running ads isn’t the answer.

·         Working harder isn’t the answer.

The answer is ... we have to learn what to say.

Want an example of better words to say?

To our friends, simply say:

"Are you okay with working that job for the rest of your life?"

That should start some quality conversations quickly.

Better words = better results.

Where do we start? This book “Getting Yes Decisions” is a great starting point for better words.

​​More heart-stopping statements.

Great statements and great questions get prospects to think. We don’t want to use vague, boring statements. Look at the difference below. Which statement do you think will do better?

So a statement followed by a question.

If the prospect answers the question, they do not question the statement


We all want to have the option to retire early with more money, do you have a retirement date?

Everyone wants to pay less tax, have you ever looked at tax savings options?

We all want to own our own house one day, are you aware of the latest mortgage rates?

Most people live longer these days, do you know if you will outlive your retirement funds?

It is the words we say that make a difference.


We all know that Einstein was a genius, but his brother Frank was a monster.

- I'm allergic to rice. I'm basmatic.

- The inventor of hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat has just died. RIP Scott Chegg

Happy New Year!!!





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