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Does having the best tools and equipment help Advisors and Business owners?

  I challenge Tiger Woods to a round of golf. Yes, I am out of shape, don't know how to hit the ball properly, and have no golfing real skills. But, I buy the most expensive golf clubs imaginable. Then I invest in GPS tracking, a high-priced caddy with opinions, designer golf wear, chant positive affirmations, cut out pictures for my vision board, and purchase a readymade success book guaranteeing me to be a winner. Tiger Woods will compete against me using a single seven iron. Who will win? Tiger Woods will crush me like a grape. His... Read full article

Ever heard these 6 words ? "I want to think it over.

"I want to think it over." So our prospect looks us in the eye and say, "I want to think it over." We reply, "Oh. Uh. Uh. Well, uh, see what your spouse, boss and other strangers say and we'll talk in a couple days." I know, I know. You would never say anything dumb like this. Me neither. But this is why professionals quickly learn exactly, word-for-word, what to say. The cost of not learning is thousands of pounds of lost fees. Be a pro, the words to get more clients are in these 2 books For all professionals follow... Read full article