Does having the best tools and equipment help Advisors and Business owners?


I challenge Tiger Woods to a round of golf.

Yes, I am out of shape, don't know how to hit the ball properly, and have no golfing real skills.

But, I buy the most expensive golf clubs imaginable. Then I invest in GPS tracking, a high-priced caddy with opinions, designer golf wear, chant positive affirmations, cut out pictures for my vision board, and purchase a readymade success book guaranteeing me to be a winner.

Tiger Woods will compete against me using a single seven iron.

Who will win?

Tiger Woods will crush me like a grape.

His professional skills will easily defeat my investment in tools and technology.

It is the same in Business today.

New Advisors/Business Owners purchase leads or purchase readymade expensive client banks, PowerPoint presentations, funnel systems, social media courses, motivational courses.

And don’t know what to say when they talk to prospects. Can you imagine that?

New Advisors/Business Owners with high-class tools are no match for experienced Advisors/Business Owners who can talk to prospects and deliver their message effectively.

Buying "shortcuts" seldom works

Do you think the successful people in your profession explain things differently than you do?

If you want to get more clients here are 2 downloads which can make the difference.

The 15 Magic words to get more clients for Financial Advisors and Insurance Brokers.​

The 15 Magic words to get more clients for Business Owners and Professionals

Wishing you every success.

A Bit of Humour for You

1. My neighbour rang my doorbell at 3am in the morning.

Can you believe it? 3am in the morning.

Luckily, I was still awake playing my drums.

2. I saw a sign that said "Watch for children" and I thought, "That sounds like a fair trade”.

3. I refused to believe my road worker father was stealing from his job, but when I got home, all the signs were there.

4. I'm on a wine diet. I've lost three days already.








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