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Coaching versus reading

Imagine you are a karate black belt. You take two people from the audience. One will read a karate book and watch Bruce Lee videos on YouTube. The other you will personally coach every day.   Who will win?   I have a coach, do you?   Most successful people have a coach, perhaps there is a clue here?   Look for someone who has the skills you want, and ask for some help, your skills and actions determine your income and life style.     A Bit of Humour for You   Two friends were in the wine... Read full article

Smart learning

Smart learning means ... not learning everything right away. We don't have time to read and study the entire Internet before we start. Instead, we learn the minimum to get the job done immediately.  What is the minimum we have to learn in sales?   1. Find a reliable source of great prospects. 2. Learn the exact words that make prospects buy.   Smart learners put their efforts in these two skills to get the most leverage for their business.   "A Bit of Humour for You" Three 5-year-old boys were sitting in the... Read full article