Coaching versus reading

Imagine you are a karate black belt.

You take two people from the audience.

One will read a karate book and watch Bruce Lee videos on YouTube.

The other you will personally coach every day.


Who will win?


I have a coach, do you?


Most successful people have a coach, perhaps there is a clue here?


Look for someone who has the skills you want, and ask for some help, your skills and actions determine your income and life style.



A Bit of Humour for You


Two friends were in the wine section at their local supermarket and one said to the other, "How much do you normally spend on a bottle of wine?"

"About an hour," the friend replied.


My boss asked me, "Do you believe in life after death?"

"Yes," I replied.

"I thought you would," he said. "Yesterday after you left to go to your grandmother's funeral, she phoned the office asking for you."





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