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Are you talking at only Level 6 to your prospects?

Discover: “The Six Levels of Communication”. For this one minute video on the 6 levels of communication, click here:  Don’t sell features. Don’t sell benefits. Instead, base your sales presentation on your prospect’s most pressing problem.  Then you’ll have your prospect’s attention. You will probably have an idea of the problem. So, if you ask your prospect using these 3 magic words, they will definitely feel more comfortable about giving you... Read full article

"How Do I Handle Objections?"

How do I handle objections? What do I say when they want to think it over? Is there anything I can say if they don't believe me? Why are they sceptical? What can I say if they don't have any money? And the answer is: "Nothing." Have you ever won a political argument? Of course not. People's minds are already made up. It is the same with objections. You would need a really high level of skill to turn these objections around, and most professionals don't have this level of skill. But this isn't the problem. The... Read full article