Are you talking at only Level 6 to your prospects?

Discover: “The Six Levels of Communication”.

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Don’t sell features. Don’t sell benefits.

Instead, base your sales presentation on your prospect’s most pressing problem.  Then you’ll have your prospect’s attention.

You will probably have an idea of the problem.

So, if you ask your prospect using these 3 magic words, they will definitely feel more comfortable about giving you some problems they are worried about.  The 3 magic words are “I’m just curious” ….

For example:

  • I’m just curious, are you happy to retire on the state pension of only xxxx?
  • I’m just curious, are you ok with paying more tax than everyone else in your street?

See the difference?  Highlighting a problem, or simply asking the prospect for a problem.

Your prospect is constantly thinking about his problems – not your benefits.

We don’t need new prospects to ruin. We have to learn better things to say.


Computer: “Enter new password”

Me: “Beef stew”

Computer: “Sorry, not stroganoff”


Daughter: “I’ve heard that in some countries a woman doesn’t know her husband until she marries him. Is this true Mum?”

Mother: “That happens in every country, my dear.” 





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