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There Are Two Types of Prospects – How Can You Tell the Difference?

Type 1: Those that look for reasons why something will work. Type 2: Those that look for reasons why something won't work. This is a great thing to say before you give a presentation. Your prospects will then want to look for reasons why your business will work for them. Ever since I decided to only coach or speak for organisations that were serious about putting into action the skills I teach, the results and referrals have been flooding in. We cannot help lazy people if we are in the coaching or advising business. So be... Read full article

Where is the best place to meet new Prospects?

People often ask me “Bernie……. Where is the best place to meet new prospects?” How does this sound? Go to places where people are spending money to improve themselves. Makes sense. So where would you find places like this? Here is a starter list. * Night school and continuing education classes. People are spending money to learn new skills to enhance their careers. * Health clubs. People are spending money to improve their bodies. * Investment lectures. Real estate seminars and stock-investing seminars come to mind. *... Read full article

How To Prepare For A Meeting With A New Prospect

Meeting a new prospect for the first time can be stressful, since you want to make a good first impression and assure your potential client that you have their best interests at heart. Sometimes nerves can get the better of you and you’re left looking nervous or unprofessional, which can cost you business. So how do you ensure that you can speak with confidence to new prospects? These simple tips will have you sounding like an expert presenter at your next meeting. 1. Prepare Properly If you do your homework, then you’ll know what you’re talking... Read full article