Where is the best place to meet new Prospects?

People often ask me “Bernie…….

Where is the best place to meet new prospects?”

How does this sound?

Go to places where people are spending money to improve themselves. Makes sense.

So where would you find places like this? Here is a starter list.

* Night school and continuing education classes. People are spending money to learn new skills to enhance their careers.

* Health clubs. People are spending money to improve their bodies.

* Investment lectures. Real estate seminars and stock-investing seminars come to mind.

* Fun runs and marathons. People are competitive and understand that they have to invest time in training before they can expect the result.

Fishermen have it right. If you want to go fishing, go where the fish are.

A Bit Of Humour For You

Fed up of having no money and being in trouble, a young yob decided to walk around his neighbourhood, to find any odd jobs that needed doing.

He was just about to give up after having been refused what seemed like a hundred times, when one man said he that he could paint his porch. The man gave him a bucket of white paint and told him that he would give him £40 when he finished.

The man walked into his house laughing and told his wife what a great deal he had got. "You're so mean Ian, our porch covers over half of the house!" his wife replied.

90 minutes later, the young yob knocked on the door, and gave the bucket of white paint back to the man. The astonished man handed him £40 and asked him how he had finished painting the porch so quickly? "There were one or two tricky bits, but it was pretty easy," he replied. "Oh, and by the way, it's a Ferrari not a Porsche."




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