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It is impossible to underestimate how little prospects care.

​ Prospects are selfish. It is a human trait. They care about themselves. They don’t care about us. They care even less about we want to show them. So when we talk to prospects, what should we talk about? Here are our choices. #1. Talk about us and the stuff we offer, while the prospect is not listening or caring. #2. Talk about the prospect and the prospects’ problems. Well ... What would we choose? Most amateurs will go with choice #1. They talk about how great they are, how they branded themselves, show company videos, talk... Read full article

Imagine our prospect gets angry …

​ Imagine our prospect gets angry and threatens us. Q. What should we do? A. We should stop imagining! How many times do we not approach a great prospect because of our imagination? And guess what? We are in charge of our imagination. We create it. Sometimes it is not the outside influences that hold us back. Sometimes it is us. Good news. We can change. This is in our power. Practice these 3 words daily. "I’m just curious." Can questions offend or scare prospects? Yes. Worse yet, we fear asking questions from strangers. By... Read full article