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How do we handle objections?

In the beginning, we get lots of objections. They are reactions to what we say and do. After learning a few basic skills, most of these objections go away. When people are sceptical about this, I give them an example. Let's say that we constantly get the “Too expensive fees” objection. Are we causing that? Well, we don't see people walking down the street, then suddenly throwing their arms up in the air saying, "It is too expensive!" So yes, objections arise as a result of what we say and what we do. But what should we do in the... Read full article

When we can't control our options.

‚Äč Life isn’t fair. Bad things happen. Many times, our choices are limited. Sound familiar? While we can’t control the options we have, we can control which option we choose. This should make us feel better when we’re faced with challenges. Tiny question example. Q. "Do you find saving money from our salaries difficult? Would it be okay if we did something to make this easier?" The first sentence identifies the problem. The second sentence asks our prospects if they want to fix the problem or not. If our prospects want to... Read full article