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How good is our answer?

Prospect: "So what do you do for a living?" Business owner: "I am in the global search for entrepreneurial talent, for time freedom and money freedom, whereby people can accumulate wealth through multiple streams of residual income with International benefits ..." Prospect: "It's okay to just say that you don’t know.” Some examples for different Professions Prospect: "So what do you do for a living?" Accountant: We take the stress out of submitting your tax returns. Lawyer: We help you avoid expensive... Read full article

Take Action!

‚Äč Last night I went for a walk. 15 minutes from my house, it began to rain. I had two choices. #1. Run to my house. Of course, that would be risky as I am out of shape, could be messy. #2. Walk back to my house. But then I would be soaked from the rain, and that wouldn’t be healthy either. While I was standing in the rain thinking about which choice made more sense, it occurred to me that people spend far too much time thinking and not enough time taking action. I had a flashback to 25 years ago. A guy named Barry and I started to talk about writing... Read full article