Take Action!

Last night I went for a walk. 15 minutes from my house, it began to rain. I had two choices.

#1. Run to my house. Of course, that would be risky as I am out of shape, could be messy.

#2. Walk back to my house. But then I would be soaked from the rain, and that wouldn’t be healthy either.

While I was standing in the rain thinking about which choice made more sense, it occurred to me that people spend far too much time thinking and not enough time taking action.

I had a flashback to 25 years ago.

A guy named Barry and I started to talk about writing a book.

I planned how I would start to write a chapter a week.  Barry started writing.

As I created my goal board, visualising my first book, Barry was taking action.

At the end of three months, I was still planning, Barry was taking more action, and finished his book.

I learnt a valuable lesson- Take Action.

Now Whenever I have a project to complete, I remember the Barry story – Take action.


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

― Mark Twain


Lewis Hamilton and me.

Q. Will this social media personal branding attraction marketing course make me successful?

Is it the tools we use, or the skills we use that make a difference?

Consider Lewis Hamilton and me.

  • Two people.
  • Same car (tools).
  • Same race course.
  • Two different times. Ouch!

People get involved in Business. Yes, the tool might attract some people, but what are we going to say to those people? That is what counts.

Ready for a quick test?

  • Write down the first words we will say when we present to prospects, so prospects say “tell me more”

Most people in business won’t be able to do this because they can’t.

Tools can be interesting, but we need to know how to talk to people to take advantage of them.

Let’s start with a key skill. How do we present like a pro?

Speaking in public is a massive fear.

What is a client worth to you?

Worth learning how to present.

Learn these 4 skills

  1. Learn how to deliver short presentations at short notice
  2. Avoid the 7 embarrassing mistakes speakers make unknowingly
  3. How to connect with every crowd
  4. How to structure powerful presentations.

Normally £100 for these 4 audio downloads, for this group only £20 (saving £80).

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The man who invented predictive text leaves behind a whiff, two sins and a doughnut.

  • My husband was hinting at what he wanted for his 50th birthday.

        He said, "I want something shiny that goes from 0 to 200 in about 2 seconds."

        I bought some bathroom scales.

        And then the fight started .....


  • My son got a grade F in his geography exam today.

        I sent him to his room but he ended up in the fridge.




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