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Great Question Tips

'Using an Adapting Question' When professionals ask questions, particularly in sales, you would expect them to know how to word questions for maximum sales advantage. However, this is hardly ever the case. What's more likely is that they simply ask the first question that pops in their head... which is a great shame because they're failing to be effective. One type of question that's often overlooked is the Adapting Question. When you realise what this is and how easy it is to use one, you may well wonder why you've not picked up on this... Read full article

Great Question Tips - Using a Rhetorical Question

A very safe way to ask a question is to make it more like a statement. In other words, a Rhetorical Question. In sales, you would generally not want to ask a rhetorical question because it doesn't demand any answer. For example in a store: "I'm never sure why these cameras are so popular and I often wonder if it's because of the price tag?" Here the sales person is saying two things: 1 - this is a popular product 2 - it isn't expensive However, the difference is that the sales person is not officially telling the prospect... Read full article