Get More Ongoing Professional Introductions And Quality Referrals...Now

The 2 questions I am asked almost every day are “where do I meet high net worth clients?” and “How do I get on­going professional introductions?”

Our clients can give us a few referrals which is great, but you must remember it is very difficult to motivate a client to talk about you to others. Even though they love your advice they are pre­occupied with other important things. Making it difficult to set up a ‘system’ with a client to continuously get referrals.

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How to Get More Appointments on the Phone Without Rejection

Making appointments and getting clients over the telephone can be stressful, but some people have figured out a way to get great results on the phone every single time while enjoying the process. Everyone knows that making bad telephone calls is embarrassing, and wastes time and money. The good news is you can learn the exact words to say to get appointments over the phone and get great results more easily, and more often.

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How to Get More Clients Using These 15 Magic Words

Many professionals are great at what they do, but struggle to get more clients. Finding new clients can be stressful, but some people have figured out a way to regularly get new clients easily. These people know the exact words that will influence other people, and get them great results. The good news is, you can learn how to use these magic words too. Discover the exact words to use every single time to get more clients, more easily, without even selling.

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How Financial Advisors Get More Clients Using These 15 Magic Words

Getting more clients as a financial advisor is getting more difficult, and many advisors struggle to get more clients in today’s competitive market. Some advisors have learned how to use the secret language of their prospects to consistently get more clients, more easily. Most advisors are not taught these skills in school, and not everyone can attend Bernie’s world-renowned workshops on getting more clients easily. The good news is you can access this ultimate guide designed specifically for financial advisors, which teaches you the exact words to say to get fantastic results when seeking new clients in your industry. Take action now to start making more money immediately.

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The Complete Program on Soft Skills to Get More Clients for Financial Advisors

Take advantage of decades of experience and the combined knowledge of expert advisors across the globe. Learn how to close quicker at the right fees and help clients make the decision to buy without even selling. Discover the exact skills required to be successful, such as client engagement, developing an automatic referral process, getting more appointments on the phone without rejection, closing smoothly, and more! These are advanced techniques, and are only for advisors who are serious about learning the skills they need to get more clients regularly.

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Stop Selling and Get Clients! The 9 Proven Steps for Professionals Who Want to Get More Clients Without Selling

There are thousands of books that claim to help us get more clients, but only a few books that actually make a difference. There are 2 types of books in the world - those that are full of fluff and vague ideas, and those that tell you exactly what to say and do to be successful. Bernie’s best-selling book is one of those rare few which give you crystal clear direction, and get you instant results. Discover how to easily get more clients now.

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“I have brought 4 new people into my business this week just from following everything Bernie said to do”

-- Stephanie Orr


“After investing in a few sessions with Bernie I was able to close a corporate account worth several thousand pounds.”

-- Ian Hodgkiss