The Complete Program on Soft Skills
to Get More Clients for Financial Advisors

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As a financial advisor you need to comply with increasingly strict regulations, while still finding more clients on a regular basis. Since RDR, finding new clients is more difficult than ever, but some advisors have figured out a way to secure new clients easily, without even selling.

There’s good news and bad news - the bad news is that effective client engagement skills have been left behind, and more and more advisors are struggling to reach the level of success they desire.

The good news is, you can learn the precise skills needed to find new high-value clients, make an instant connection with them, and get more sustainable business regularly.

Bernie DeSouza has over twenty years of experience helping financial advisors like yourself discover the exact skills required to make more money, and get more clients in line with current technical and compliance requirements.

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Many leading financial advisors have encouraged Bernie to create a complete program which teaches them how to duplicate his success, and get more clients quickly and easily while maximizing the opportunities from current clients.

For the first time ever, all the material he uses to help advisors make more money is now available in one convenient home-study course.

Thousands of financial advisors have already attended Bernie’s MDRT conference presentations and world-renowned workshops to learn these skills - and now you can too!

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What Is Included in this Program?

In The Complete Program On Soft Skills To Get More Clients For Financial Advisors coaching program, you will receive 8 audio downloads packed with valuable information and a content-rich workbook.

With this business coaching program you can forget about vague, fluffy theories, and instead will learn exactly what to say and do every single time.

These are advanced executive training skills that are only for experienced advisors who are serious about finding new clients at the right fees, as well as servicing current clients by maximizing opportunities.

Usually the retail price of this ultimate executive training guide is £499, but you can get your copy at an introductory discount of £399.

You can make 3 easy payments of £133 every 30 days.

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You’ll learn profitable skills such as:

  • How to organise an automatic referral system to get a constant flow of new prospects
  • How to close more quickly and more easily
  • How to attract high net worth clients
  • How to get more appointments on the phone without rejection
  • Powerful time management skills to increase productivity and get more free time
  • How to get prospective clients to make a decision quickly
  • Advanced negotiation skills
  • How to build instant trust and develop new relationships
  • And more!

You’ll receive the exact business training that Bernie shares this in his £1200 workshops. After starting your program and comprehensive workbook, you’ll be able to start applying your new skills to make more money immediately.

So what’s going to be easier for you - to continue struggling to find new clients at the right fees, or learn the skills you need to get more high net worth clients immediately?

Get More Clients & Start Making More Money Today!

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"I got 23 referrals in a week after using process and doubled my income, every secret and skill all in one programme for Advisors"   

-- Adam Claridge Financial Advisor