Stop Selling and Get Clients!
The 9 Proven Steps for Professionals
Who Want to Get More Clients Without Selling

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Learn how to get more clients and make more money consistently without even selling.

Most business owners are great at what they do, but struggle to find new clients regularly. Client acquisition can be frustrating and time consuming, but some business owners have figured out a way to get more clients easily without all the stress.

There are two types of books in this world - ones that offer vague theories about finding new clients, but don’t tell you how to apply them, and ones that tell you exactly what to do and say to secure new clients without even selling.

There’s good news and bad news.
Bad news first - most people writing these books have no experience in the field.

The good news is, Bernie’s best selling book Stop Selling and Get Clients! is based in over 20 years of executive consulting and business development experience.

It has even been recommended by Australia’s number 1, bestselling author, Allan Pease, as well as many other leading authors around the world.

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This easy reading book teaches you the essential skills you need to get more clients in just 10 minutes a day for 9 days..

Skills like building instant trust in seconds, how to close more easily, how to make appointments on the phone without fear or rejection, how to network effectively, and how to get automatic referrals so you no longer need to make cold calls.

So what’s going to be easier for you - to wander around the book stores and guess - or order this book now and discover the secrets of getting more clients, more easily, without even selling.

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The Stop Selling and Get Clients! book walks you step by step through the process of establishing relationships with potential new clients, and gives you the exact templates you need to close the deal.

You won’t find any bland and fluffy theories here - only tried and true strategies that Bernie has personally used to gain more clients and make more money time and time again.

These strategies give you a crystal clear direction, so you can stop selling, get more clients and increase profits right away.

Here is what you will learn from Stop Selling and Get Clients!


how to build rapport executive training

Everyone knows that building rapport is essential to developing strong relationships with new clients. Many people struggle with the process of securing trust from the moment they meet new prospective clients, but some people have found a way to build lasting and profitable relationships right from the start.

This chapter covers everything you need to say and do in order to build rapport successfully. We will discuss how to connect with your clients, change your pace of communication so you can develop a strong relationship, powerful words and phrases that will help your clients make decisions, and much more.

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People communicate differently. There are 2 types of people in the world - those that struggle to get their message across and be understood, and those who seem to easily relate to and influence new people.

The good news is, you can learn how to understand how your clients communicate by using their preferred language to make sure your message is understood.

Step Two helps you identify your client’s specific communication style, and speak in a way that ensures they understand what you have to offer.

Make money networking business coaching

Everyone knows that networking events and forums are a great way for you to represent your company and meet prospective clients.

A lot of people lack the skills they need to properly use networking events to make more money, and often end up wasting these profitable opportunities. The good news is you can learn the skills you need to make more money by leveraging networking events.

Step Three dives into everything you need to know about networking, from how to behave and present yourself, to the most powerful questions you can ask to maximize your chances of success.

telephone skills business training

As technology advances more and more, people prefer to hide behind email and text messaging, rather than getting one the telephone.

Many people are afraid to use the phone, or find phone calls frustrating, but some people have found a way to confidently get appointments by phone time and time again while enjoying the process.

Step Four breaks down how to use the telephone to get more appointments easily, without even selling.

get more clients business mentoring

Have you ever noticed that some people know exactly what to say to influence people and get what they want? These people know the “magic words” that help them get new clients time and time again. The bad news is, no one teaches us these skills in school. The good news is, this chapter will teach you exactly what you need to say to get more clients immediately.

Step Five shares an easy (and proven!) process that will help you gain new clients in almost any meeting or conference situation.

Use these 15 magic works to build instant rapport, establish credibility and get your prospective clients begging you for more information.

how to close sales training

Many people are great at talking about their services, but have a hard time closing new clients or getting them to make a decision. Some people have found a way to close new clients quickly and smoothly without even selling.

In Step Six you’ll learn how to close easily without stress or rejection.

how to get business referrals executive training

Everyone knows that referrals are one of the easiest and most successful ways to get new business. Referrals are cost effective, more likely to result in qualified clients than cold calling or prospecting.

In Step Seven you’ll learn how to create an automatic referral system which brings you referrals over and over again so you always have a flow of prospective new clients.

time management business mentor

The most successful people in the world have a common trait - they know how to effectively manage their time for maximum productivity and profit.

You may have heard the saying, “Manage the day, or the day will manage you.” The good news is, you can learn how to effectively manage your time to move you closer to success.

Step Eight teaches you how self-made millionaires manage their time, and how you can use these powerful techniques to make more money now. 

how to find a business mentor

Everyone knows that extremely wealthy people partner with coaches and mentors to increase profits, get more free time, and become successful.

An expert mentor can help you unlock hidden profits and take advantage of new opportunities.

Step Nine helps you identify what you are looking for in a coach or mentor, what contributes to a successful relationship, when is mentoring appropriate, and how to use this coaching process to reach your maximum potential.

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Are you ready to get more clients, close the deal and earn more money?

Stop Selling and Get Clients! is available as a Kindle Book, Audiobook and Paperback.


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