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There are 2 questions which I am asked almost every day:

  1. “Where do I meet high net worth clients?”
    - and -
  2. “How do I get on-going professional introductions?”

Everybody knows that getting referrals from your clients is one of the best ways to generate qualified leads for your business.

But sometimes, even if your clients love working with you, it’s difficult to motivate them to spread the word about your skills. Clients are preoccupied with pressing matters, and sending you new business is not on the top of their list.

So how do you get your clients to connect you with their network and send you quality referrals?

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that people are busy running their own businesses and worrying about their own clients. Finding the time to help you is simply not a priority for them.

The good news is, I have developed a way to “systemise” the referral process, so your clients consistently deliver you hot leads over and over again.

In my 20+ years of experience, I have worked with high profile organisations such as The Personal Finance Society, The Chartered Insurance Institute and the Million Dollar Round table -- teaching them to get more referrals and qualified leads from their existing clients in my private workshops and seminars.

Here’s what some of those clients have said about this training:

Need more proof? Watch this quick testimonial video!

Need more proof? Watch this quick testimonial video!

For the first time ever - I’ve made this training available in one complete package. Now YOU can access it anytime, anywhere.

I successfully teach these profitable techniques during my workshops, and after hundreds of people have asked me for a recording of these strategies, I’ve finally condensed it into a complete training package.

If you want more professional introductions, as well as easy referrals to high net worth clients, then this programme will change your business.

During this proven training you will learn:

  • Where high net worth individuals spend their time and how to access them
  • Exactly what to say and do to connect with these people
  • How to have successful professional introducer events
  • How to get your current clients to send you more qualified leads

Here’s What You’ll Learn From This 8 Part Audio Training:

Everybody knows that solid business relationships are built on trust. Nobody knows this better than world famous author, marketing guru, and my personal business mentor, Tom ‘Big Al” Schreiter.

Tom is a leading authority in communication, and specializes in helping advisors get professional introductions consistently. In this training Tom and I discuss how to build instant rapport with prospective clients, and how to develop trust as a key part of the relationship which will consistently generate new leads.

Most people know that Accountants work with a wide range of business owners and executives.

In this section you’ll access a private interview and uncover the secret behind why accountants love attending these events. You’ll learn how accountants, and their clients, use professional introducer events to get more qualified leads.

Everybody knows that when someone says - “I’ll think about it” - this is the death knell for trying to close a deal. You’ll learn the proven process and exact words I use to get a flood of new, qualified leads. After you learn this technique, you’ll never have to hear, “I’ll think about it” again!

Why do solicitors attend professional introducer events?
Why do they find them useful, and keep attending these events over and over again?
How do they use these events to create a mutually beneficial arrangement with new clients?

Get the inside scoop on why you want solicitors attending your events, as well as how they can generate hot new leads and referrals for your business.

Most people know that partnering with key stakeholders, as well as growing your personal network, is a great way to generate referrals.

Business Network International (BNI) is the leading business referral and networking organisation in the UK. I get Phil Berg, BNI’s National Assistant Director, to reveal his insider secrets on how he generates referrals.

We talk about how to generate leads within the BNI network, as well as how to continuously grow your network outside of BNI to keep those fresh, qualified leads flowing into your business.

The only thing better than getting new referrals is getting them consistently, on auto-pilot, and with minimal effort - saving both you, and your client, time and money.

In this section you’ll learn how to develop an automatic referral system. You’ll discover the easy way to implement this proven Systemized Referral Process, which will help you effortlessly generate new leads so you never run out of referrals again.

Everybody knows that referrals and personal introductions are the best way to generate new business. One of the easiest ways to get referrals is to host a professional introducers event.

You’ll learn how to easily organise and set up your own professional introducer event to generate qualified leads and referrals again and again.

In this lesson you’ll learn how to develop a money-making referral machine!
This is one of the most valuable pieces of this training, where you’ll discover:

  • The 3 key areas to generate more clients for your business
  • What is 4x more valuable to you than your existing client relationship
  • The 6 questions for getting powerful testimonials
  • The 6 levels of communication, how to use them, and why they matter
  • How to vett your clients and have only the best people send you referrals

Need more proof? Watch this quick testimonial video!


Usually, this two-day training session costs upwards of £1,200.00.

For some people this is a big time and financial commitment. If you’d like to save time and money, you can access this complete programme for a discounted price, and start making more money immediately.

Start fixing this painful, stressful problem of getting more professional introductions and get new business quickly and easily.

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That’s right, you pay for the entire package in 3 easy payments of £133.00 and you’ll get instant access to this powerful information after the first payment - This way you can start implementing the proven success strategies to make more money immediately.

Need more proof? Watch this quick testimonial video!

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So what’s going to be easier for you:

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