Company Video Feedback

How do our prospects react to our company videos?

Honest thoughts from prospects tricked into watching a video? Brace ourselves.

  • "At the end, I just wanted 12 minutes of my life back. I mean, it was like watching paint dry, but with more talking."
  • "I lost interest at the two-second mark. As soon as I saw the logo, I was done. Yet somehow, they managed to drag it out for what felt like an eternity."
  • "I don't know what was worse, the cheesy background music or the over-the-top sales pitch. Either way, I was ready to jump out a window."
  • "I thought it was going to be an informative video, but it turned out to be a 10-minute sales pitch that left me feeling like I needed a shower."
  • "I couldn't believe how scripted and fake it all seemed. It was like voice over voice was reading from a cue card and trying to convince me this was genuine."

Uh ... what? Prospects don't love our commercials?

Well, maybe our company videos should be saved until AFTER our prospects say they want more information.

If we depend on using an information video as a substitute for influencing, we will look like mindless amateur minion Professionals.

When we sell and close our prospects first, then our prospects are eager for logical information to support their initial emotional decision. Now they will watch our company video with a better and more open mindset.

The secret our new, untrained Advisor doesn't know? Pre-Closing.

Taking advice from … others!

Our prospect listens to our offer and tells us:

“Let me get some unsolicited advice from my friends at work who are not  in my line of business I base my decisions on the opinions of others who don’t know anything about what we have talked about.”

I don’t think this is a success principle ☺ A head slap would be appropriate.

But what about us? Who do we take advice from?

Do we get our advice from TikTok and Instagram? Or do we seek out books by experts?

We might be just one good idea away from success. But … let’s look for that idea from experts.

So many people have gone before us, had bad experiences, and taken the scar tissue so we don’t have to. Consider using expert advice as a superpower shortcut.

Better Words for Better Results

Objections happen.

So, what are the first words we should say immediately after an objection?

… waiting.

… waiting.

… waiting.

Not sure?

If we start with the “but” word, our prospects build up instant resistance to what we say next. Not good. The “but” word insinuates our prospects are wrong. They don’t like that.

If we start with the “and” word, our prospects feel we heard them, and want to listen to what we will add to the conversation.

Compare the difference to the objection, “I don’t have any time to look at my pension at the moment as I am so busy at work”.

  1. “But I know you can squeeze time this in for this as its important . Let me look at your calendar.”
  2. “And that is exactly why you should consider this option now, as you don’t want to spend the rest of your life too busy to plan yourself and your family.”


They say that 50 is the new 40. Try telling that to a cop holding a speed gun.

Do you remember a time when your mother's voice was so loud and angry, that even your neighbour's kids brushed their teeth and got dressed?

Dorothy threatened to leave me due to my obsession with Morse Code.

I said, "Please don't dash Dot."




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