Your first ten words are more important than your next ten thousand!

In the 1980s, Business owners provided prospects with facts and information. Prospects needed videos, brochures, and slides.

But today, prospects have the Internet. They have all the information they need. They don't need us to show or read the information to them.

Q. So what is our job as Professionals?

A. To get a YES decision.

We have to stop living in the 1980s. Those days are not coming back.

If we don't know how to get our prospects to make immediate decisions, yes, we can read my two books on skills.

But this is something we can do immediately, right now, instantly. I created an online blended learning course. Five skills short lessons, mostly on video with a test which gives you CPD points. Check out how we can close rejection-free, by learning how our minds really work.

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If we get an interesting first sentence for our ice breaker, our business gets easy.

Have we ever read a newspaper?

How do we read the newspaper? Do we start at the upper left-hand corner and read everything until we get to the bottom right-hand corner of the last page?

I don’t think so. I bet we only read certain articles.

And how do we choose which articles to read?

By the headlines. Yes, that is the first sentence. And we prejudge that headline harshly, just like our prospects prejudge our first sentence.

The good news is that if our first sentence is good, our prospects smile and want to know more.

Ask ourselves this question, "What if I had one good magic first sentence that made my business explode?" When we get that sentence that works for us, every day will be a winner.

Here are some tips.

  1. Ask a question with a question mark?
  2. Mention a problem that could be solved
  3. Reference negative thoughts the prospects might have.

For example

Worried about your retirement? This is what the Pros are doing ……….

It highlights all of the 3 points.



A police officer came up to me and said, "Where were you between 3 and 5?"

"Nursery school," I replied.

Fed up of having no money and being in trouble, a teenager decided to walk around his neighbourhood, to find any odd jobs that needed doing.

He was just about to give up after having been refused what seemed like a hundred times, when one man said he that he could paint his porch. The man gave him a bucket of white paint and told him that he would give him £40 when he finished.

The man walked into his house laughing and told his wife what a great deal he had got. "You're so mean Steve, our porch covers over half of the house!" his wife replied.

90 minutes later, the teenager knocked on the door, and gave the bucket of white paint back to the man. The astonished man handed him £40 and asked him how he had finished painting the porch so quickly? "There were one or two tricky bits, but it was pretty easy," he replied. "Oh, and by the way, it's a Ferrari not a Porsche."




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