Prospects prejudge …

Prospects prejudge us in the first 10 seconds, before we mention our company, our video, or our compensation plan.

This is where the decision happens. Not fair, is it?

Prospects don’t know how their minds make a decision, but we do.

When we control the first 10 seconds, everything else is easy. No more rejection, selling, or convincing. Spend our time perfecting our first 10 seconds.

This is a short, 7-minute video from the MDRT is the answer.

It is one of their most popular videos as they have translated it into 12 different languages.

Here is the link:

You will enjoy the 3 key areas on "how prospects make their final decision on picking their Advisor” -- and it is only 7 minutes!

Quick tips

  • Learn one new idea today.
  • Think of the biggest problem we solve for our prospect.
  • Create one new way to explain our solution in two sentences.
  • Chat with one person with a great first sentence.

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Handing over my ID at the post office, the clerk blurts out, "You've aged a bit since this photo was taken."

"You're dead right," I replied.

"I had it taken just before I joined your queue."


I saw a flying saucer today ...... it appeared after the flying cup my wife threw at me.





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