Can we make the decision-making process easier?


A good brain rule to know is that prospects want fewer choices. Two choices are enough. Prospects want to save their brainpower for Netflix or Sky TV.

Try getting the final choice down to just two options.

A good example?

Choice #1: Keep your life the same.

Choice #2: Take what I just offered you.

Possible word pattern with 2 choices

So what makes more sense for you?

Choice #1: Keep your life the same.

Choice #2: Take what I just offered you.

Then Pause – silence- then wait for the prospects answer and say “I think you are right, good idea”

Then the choice becomes the prospects idea, and they have bought it and they now own it.

When prospects complain, but they don't want to do something about it ... it means they can tolerate the pain of their problems.

Maybe we could make them aware of the consequence of not taking action so that they do something about their problem. This would be more humane than allowing them to live in their current pain forever.


  • A man walked into the doctors, he said, "I've hurt my arm in several places." The doctor said, "Well don't go there anymore."
  • He's got mood poisoning: It must be something he hate.
  • Aircraft designers have constructed a plane made entirely of rubber, so that if it crashes, it bounces. It’s called a Boing 747.
  • My computer crashed and now my wife's computer has slowed down to see what's happening.
  • Did you hear about the German vampire who became a poet. He went from Bat to Verse.




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