Should we use this word more?

Instead of saying "presentation" to prospects, maybe we could substitute the word "option."

"Option" means that prospects can take our suggestion or not. Much less scary for prospects to hear the word "option" when we approach them.

Why do people do this to us?

We show prospects our products, services, and opportunity. And what do they do?

Resist. Poke holes in our offering. Look for reasons to turn us down.

Sound normal? Well, it is normal.

Humans want freedom of choice. When we push our offerings on them, they feel like we are taking away their freedom. This prompts them to resist us.

An easier way to disarm this automatic response is to offer options. When prospects feel that they have control of their options, they open their minds and look for ways that our options can work for them.

We want our prospects looking for reasons why, and not looking for reasons why not.

An easy way to communicate these options?

"So what is going to be easier for you?

"Taking advantage of my offering, or keeping your life the same?"

This takes the pressure off our prospects. They won’t feel like we are taking their freedom away.

Words our prospects love to hear.

These phrases will make our prospects smile.

  • "Here is the short story."
  • "Let me give you a quick overview."
  • "What would you like to know first?"
  • "Here are the three main points."

Prospects have things to do and decisions to make. They appreciate that we get to the point quickly.

Plus, these phrases help ensure that we get our prospects’ attention for our message.


  • Procaffeinator - one who puts off tasks until after consuming the days first cup of coffee
  • Instagram - when you put your grandma on speed dial
  • Pasteurise - too far to see
  • I'm going to stand outside. So, if anyone asks, I'm outstanding.
  • No matter how far you push the envelope, it will still be stationery.

A policeman stopped me and came up to my window and said, "Papers."

I said, "Scissors, I win," and drove off.

He must be desperate for a re-match because he's been chasing me for ages.




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