Closing with confidence.

We listen and build rapport. Our prospects tell us their deepest problems. Since our business is solving problems for our prospects, what should we say next?

We can direct our prospects to a quick decision by saying these words:

  • “Think carefully. Is this something that you want to fix now so it is never a problem again? Or is this something that you are okay with living with? I am okay with whatever you decide.”

Are we afraid of rejection? Why?

We worry about what others think. That is natural.

Here is what we are thinking:

  • “Me, me, me, me, and yes, I only think of me. That is why I worry about rejection and what others think.”

The remedy?

When we focus on other people, how we can help them, and how we can offer other options, then we forget about our self-centred 100% internal conversation. Now, our fear and reluctance go away.

So don’t worry too much about what others think of us. Why? Because they don’t think about us. They are thinking about themselves!

Check before we propose.

Many people have problems, but they don’t know they have a problem, or they don’t want to fix the problem. For example, a 400-pound person that refuses to diet, or a 64-year-old person who hasn’t started saving for retirement.

So how do we know if they want to fix their problem before we waste time forcing a presentation on them?


After listening to their problem, simply ask: “Would you like to do something about it?”

If that seems too direct, then ask, “Have you ever considered doing something about it?”



Everybody wants to change the world, but no one wants to change the toilet paper ….


Dear God, you gave me a childhood, you took it away.

You gave me a Youth; you took it away.

You gave me a Husband, it's been years now, just reminding you ....




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