The chocolate mindset that professionals know.

We don’t have to depend on mental toughness to build a mindset for success. We have help.

Here are some ways to get our brains to release endorphins, a “feel good” hormone:

  • Exercise.
  • Watching a good drama on television.
  • Meditation.
  • Dark chocolate.

Now I don’t know about you, but it looks like I have a choice:

Choice #1: Exercise.

Choice #2: Dark chocolate.​

So, the next time you see me eating dark chocolate (and that should be often), remember that I am only doing it to enhance my positive mindset.

Words we can change to get better results.

Our Advisors say, "I am going to look for prospects."

That is a mindset. They are looking for people to sell to.

Just by changing a few words, we can get them to have a new and better mindset. Teach them to say:

"I am going to look for people to help."

Now, with this new mindset, finding new prospects is easier. Plus, prospects will respond better to our Advisors. They will love talking to people who are looking to help them.

Did we grow a little more today?

Big changes in our career don’t happen overnight. Little things do add up.

Let’s ask ourselves which works better:

  • Studying personal development for 24 hours non-stop?
  • Studying personal development with a coach an 30minutes a week for 4 weeks?

And we can start even smaller. How about focusing on personal development for five minutes a day? Could we at least do that? In five minutes, we could read two or three pages of a book or listen to a quick audio tip.

If you want to maximise potential and turn your talent into income, email me back on and I would be happy to schedule a 20-minute coaching call at no cost to give you some direction and one solid closing tip that I have used successfully for the last 3 years. No charge.


  • A Chinese man faked his own death, but his family were suspicious, they didn't bereave him.
  • I tried to start up a chicken dating agency but failed, it was a struggle to make hens meet
  • The tiles, A, E, I, O, and U were discovered in a dead scrabble players stomach, vowel play is suspected.




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