Agree and close.

Step #1: Agree with prospects that they have a problem.

Step #2: Ask them about their current plans to fix their problem.

Step #3: Watch them squirm and make excuses and realize they have no solution.

Step #4: Ask the prospects if they would like us to share a solution with them.

Step #5. Watch our business grow fast.

Notice that we didn't show them a PowerPoint presentation or a company video. Instead, we got our prospects to make a "yes" decision to solve their problem. That is where the real decision is made.

Our presentations come after our prospects make a decision to fix their problems. Closing comes before the presentation.

I know this is hard to believe, but it is how the human mind works.

We can either work with the human mind, or against it.

The story is all about them.

If we tell a story about ourselves or someone else, our prospects automatically imagine themselves as the lead characters in their minds. Awesome, eh?

This is why we love movies. We can imagine ourselves as one of the characters.

We should try to add more and more stories to our presentation. They are the best way to communicate with prospects and share our message.


Sad news .... the Managing Director of Dulux paints has died of hypothermia while trekking across the Antarctic.

Paramedics said he could have done with another coat.

Batman: Whisky on the rocks but hold the whisky.

Bartender: So, you just want ice.

Batman: Yes, I want JUSTICE.




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