It is impossible to underestimate how little prospects care.

Prospects are selfish. It is a human trait.

So, when we talk to prospects, what should we talk about? Here are our choices.

#1. Talk about us and the stuff we offer, while the prospect is not listening or caring.

#2. Talk about the prospect and the prospects’ problems.

Well ...

What would we choose?

Most amateur Business owners will go with choice #1. They talk about how great they are, how they branded themselves, show company videos, talk about systems and put their prospect to sleep with PowerPoint slides.

Professional Business owners go with choice #2. They talk about the prospect and the prospect’s problems.

If we are new, we are thinking, “But ... but ... what should I do with my video and presentation?”

There is no rule that says we have to ruin good prospects by forcing boring presentations on them. So, stop doing it.

Instead, get prospects to talk about themselves and their problems. Then, ask them to decide if they want to fix their problems or not.


We can save our presentation and company videos for training, once they make a “yes” decision.

  1. They care about themselves.
  2. They don’t care about us.
  3. They care even less about we want to show them.

Why listening works.

Business exists to solve people’s problems. But how can we know their problems if we don’t listen?

The correct order is to listen first, and then present our solution.

Why listening works. (Yes, again.)

Who do we like more?

A. People who talk at us?

B. People who listen to us?

Prospects join people they like.


Everybody wants to change the world, but no one wants to change the toilet paper ….

Dear God, you gave me a childhood, you took it away.

You gave me a youth; you took it away.

You gave me a Husband, it's been years now, just reminding you ....




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