Easy rapport-building opening words.

Easy rapport-building opening words.

  • Most people.
  • Everybody knows.
  • Everybody says.
  • There is an old saying.
  • Makes sense.

Put these words before our facts, and then prospects will trust our facts more.

What words help us ease the tension after an objection?

As we know, we must start with agreement. If we disagree, it is over. We would be talking, but no one would be listening. Start with:

  • "I see where you are coming from."
  • "Makes sense."
  • "It’s okay."
  • "Of course."

These starter words will relax our prospects and help create open minds for our message.


  • I've just found out my uncle has left me a stately home in his will. I have no idea where Sod Hall is. I'm just off to google it.
  • To be honest, the only reason my wife and I are together is the children. Neither of us wanted custody.
  • Henry the 8th's second wife Anne Boleyn had a brother...... his name was Tenpin.
  • I decided not to eat the poultry in case it wasn't fresh - chicken doubt.




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