I hit my hand with a hammer ...

Every action will produce a result.

If we don’t like the result, then we should change the activity.

For example, I hit my hand with a hammer. Ouch! That really hurts.

Then, I do it again. I hit my hand with a hammer. Ouch! Ouch! Now my hand really hurts.

I repeat. And guess what? Ouch! Ouch!

Well, by now we get the picture. The action of hitting my hand with a hammer consistently makes my hand hurt a lot.

If I want different results, I should do something different. Maybe I should have a cup of tea instead of hitting my hand with a hammer.

This seems like common sense but consider this situation.

Today, I get into my car and commute two hours to an appointment. I arrive at the location, only get paid if the client says YES, and I fail, no income no client and hate every minute of getting rejection.

Tomorrow, I get into my car and commute two hours to an appointment. I arrive at the location, only get paid if the client says YES, and I fail, no income no client and hate every minute of getting rejection.

Same activity, same results.

Now, you come to me and give me a chance to change my activity. You suggest that I start a coaching program on skills so I can stop getting the rejection I hate.

When I refuse to listen, if you have some compassion for my insanity, maybe you will tell me the story about the hammer and the hand. With luck, I will say, “Yes, you are right. Things won’t change unless I change my current activity. Let’s move forward with this.”​

This applies to our business also. If we are unhappy with our income, we should change our activity. If what we say and do now gives us small fees, we need to change. It’s time to learn new words to say and new actions to take.

Opening sentence ideas.

  • “My friend has 6 new clients Would you like to know how he did it?”
  • “Do you hate getting rejection as much as I do?”
  • “Do you like coffee breaks and chatting? What if we could earn a living just having five coffee breaks a day?”
  • “Do you hate taking risks? I decided not to put 100% of my income in the hands of the bank. Would you like to know what I did?”

People love interesting conversations. And they like it when we ask them questions. That means they get a chance to talk. People love talking about themselves.

Better than a savings account.

If we learn something today, we can use that knowledge every day for the rest of our lives. New skills pay off every month ... forever.

Change our careers ... fast.

If we already have this book, let’s read it again. Books make more sense the second time we read them. We see the same ideas from a different perspective.

The book is “Getting Yes Decisions” without rejection, the short video link is below:


It is available in ebook, paperback, and audio.

Change is just a book away.

I love this question.

“So what is going to be easier for you? To continue trying to get by on with your current skills or to work with me so you can have a chance to double your income in the next quarter?”


Six of the best from the late, great Tommy Cooper,

  • Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly. They lit a fire in the craft, it sank, proving once and for all that you can't have your kayak and heat it.
  • I visited the offices of the RSPCA today. It's tiny: you couldn't swing a cat in there.
  • This cowboy walks into a German car showroom and he says 'Audi!'
  • I was driving up the motorway and my boss phoned me and told me I'd been promoted. I was so shocked I swerved the car. He phoned again to say I'd been promoted even higher, and I swerved again. He then made me Managing Director and I went right off into a tree. The police came and asked me what had happened. I said, 'I careered off the road.'
  • Our ice cream man was found lying on the floor of his van covered with hundreds and thousands. Police say that he topped himself.
  • You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen.' It said, 'Parking Fine.'




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