Less information and more conversations

A one-sentence micro story to tell ourselves when we are looking for new clients.

"If you were a farmer and planted £1,000 worth of seeds, would you at least stay around until harvest time?"

Many business owners quit after only one or two months of prospecting and going to Networking meetings. This micro story helps them have better patience.

Too much information.

There is no shortage of information and advice today. The challenge is to invest our time in quality, not quantity. It will take several lifetimes to read all the advice for our careers.

To avoid wasting hours on vague overviews, we can ask ourselves, "Does this information tell me exactly what to say and exactly what to do?"​

Work before rewards.

"Please pay me first, and then I will go to work." Say that to our clients and see what happens.

So, we have to remember that in prospecting, we have to do the work … first.

And what is our work?

Getting "yes" decisions, of course.

We don’t get paid for the hours we invest. We only get paid for "yes" decisions.

This simply question makes a conversation easier to start.

"How do you know if this solution is good for you, or not?"

If we are a good listener, all we have to do is shut up and listen. Our prospect will tell us exactly what he or she wants.

Listeners are popular. Listeners have the advantage.

So, ask a question that lead to problems you can solve, for example, I help Professionals to get clients, so I might say….

“I am just curious do you have a plan for new clients in Q4?”

Then I would listen………

What problems do you solve? What questions could you ask?


Everybody wants to change the world, but no one wants to change the toilet paper….


Dear God, you gave me a childhood, you took it away.

You gave me a Youth; you took it away.

You gave me a Husband, it's been years now, just reminding you ....




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