What motivates our prospects to take action?

When we talk with prospects, we want action. If our prospects take no action to move forward, it is the same as saying, "No."

There are two main reasons why our prospects will decide to take action. Pick the reason you think is more powerful:

#1. They want something better.

#2. They want to fix a current problem.

If we try to convince prospects that they want something better, they will feel that we are salespeople.

But if we attempt to help them fix a current problem, they see us as allies. Solving problems makes our messaging easier, and we will experience less rejection as well.

Now, let's think about our conversations with prospects. If solving problems is our goal, what should we talk about?

#1. Our company products, services, and benefits?

#2. Our prospects' problems?

Easy. We talk about our prospects' problems. The conversation is all about our prospects. Talking about themselves is their favourite topic. They love us.

In the beginning, we think success is about convincing prospects to buy or join. In time we realize this:

"Our mission is to help prospects fix their problems."

If we keep this simple principle in mind, our business is fun!

Change our approach. Instead of acting like a "what" salesperson, graduate to

becoming a "why" salesperson.

Why I read books.

Every day the world is getter smarter. New discoveries. New insights.

What are we doing to keep up?

We don’t want to be left behind!

What do poorly trained Managers do for entertainment?

Do they train their team on exactly what to say? No.

Do they show their team how to avoid rejection? No.

Do they demonstrate how to handle objections? No.

Do they send their team out to talk to prospects, 100% untrained?


Then the worthless Managers watch the carnage.

It's sort of like watching a horror movie. They didn’t even have to pay for tickets.

Zoom training call for your group?

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- A guy I know, Gavin, died from drinking too much antacid, I can't believe Gaviscon.

- I decided to sell my Hoover ..... well it was just collecting dust.

- My pet mouse Elvis has died. He was caught in a trap.

- Wife to friend: "My husband knows absolutely nothing about cooking. He thinks that poached eggs are illegal."




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