What to say to complainers.

When a team member complains about something, simply say, "And what solution would you propose if you were a leader?"

This teaches team members to solve their own problems and take personal responsibility for their business success.

What holds us back.

The only thing between where we are now and where we want to be is ... what we don’t know yet.

Don’t let others tell us that we are not motivated, that our goals are too weak, or that we don’t care. That isn’t the problem.

As we learn what we don’t know now, we will get closer to the success we want. Let’s not pace ourselves though. Life isn’t forever. Let’s aggressively start learning what we don’t know so we can enjoy our careers.


Batman: Whisky on the rocks but hold the whisky.

Bartender: So, you just want ice.

Batman: Yes, I want JUSTICE.




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