Self-development or shelf development

A great question to start our mornings.

"Will I learn something new today, or will I stay where I am?"

Harsh. A lot of people buy self-development products and they end up on the shelf as shelf development.

I have a habit that makes that decision automatically.

The first thing I do every day is ... read something new. I like books. I can discover in a few pages something that may have taken someone ten years to learn.

For others, they may prefer to learn by audio. Personal choice. I read faster than I listen, so I like to save time by reading.

Making this decision first thing every morning means over time, we grow.

What are our prospects thinking?

1.     I only care about me.

2.     I only care about my problems.

3.     I don’t care about you.

4.     I care even less about what you want to show me.

Our human nature has a dominant program called, "Survival." Our brain’s first priority is to keep us alive. We want to look for resources. We want to solve our problems.

Does that mean people are selfish? Sure.

To be interesting, we should talk about our prospect and our prospect’s problems. If we do that, we will always have an audience.

When should we talk about what we want to offer? Later. First, let’s focus on our prospect and our prospect’s problem. This makes it easy for both of us.

Rapport-building phrases we can use.

We can relax and get agreement from our prospects more easily by starting with phrases such as:

  • "As many of us know ..."
  • "We always notice ..."
  • "Most people ..."
  • "Everybody says ..."


  • A dyslexic devil worshipper sold his soul to Santa.
  • How do you make holy water? Boil the hell out of it.
  • Henry Strepsil, the creator of the throat lozenge has just passed away. There will be no coffin at his funeral next week. 




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