Personal Referrals is better than advertising

Which is more powerful?

1.     A Facebook ad to strangers?

2.     A quality referral from someone we helped?

The answer is obvious.

A quality, pre-sold referral is a great prospect.

Cold leads treated like sheep, pushed into funnels, sorted and sold to ... seem like a waste of time in comparison.

But investing time in getting quality referrals will give us a great return for our efforts.

Oh. So that is how it works.

Our Job or suppliers’ companies know they can't build a strong business with social media posts, ads, and spam text messages.

This is good news.

So our companies’ partner with us. They say, "You have a relationship with your friends, colleagues  and people you meet. We would like you to mention our company to these people because they will listen to you."

And we get paid for our part of the partnership when this turns into business.

Do you have an automatic referral system ? If not email me on for a solid solution.


West London police wish to alert local residents about the activities of an infamous cross-eyed burglar.

If you see this man staring in your windows, warn the people next door. 

Alcohol does not make you fat.

It makes you lean ...... against walls, chairs, and tables.




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