How to pre-sell our ideas and make our life easier

A great question to pre-sell prospects.

"Do you think continuing with the same problem and pain is OK or do you think it’s time to address this?

Most prospects will immediately attach themselves to wanting to solve the problem. Continuing to struggle with XYZ doesn’t sound as appealing.

Want to make presentations a lot easier?

Ask this question early in our conversations with prospects:

"So why did you decide to look at over coming this problem?"

Then let our prospects "sell themselves" on the advantages of sorting this problem out. It is easier for prospects to believe their own ideas than our ideas.

Plus, we also learn where are prospects are "coming from" ... which helps us understand their situation more.

Before starting our presentations ...

We can ask, "If you don’t sort this on-going problem out, or don’t have another solution, what will you do?"

Our prospects don’t have an alternate plan. That is why they are talking to us. Now they will focus on looking for reasons to take our advice, instead of looking for reasons why not.​


  • Teacher to little Johnny: If you had three apples and two oranges in one hand and three oranges and two apples in the other hand, what would you have?
  • Little Johnny: Very big hands.
  • Winston Churchill to Lady Aster: Do you mind if I smoke? 
  • Lady Aster: I don't care if you burn!




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