How can we get others to join our team or business.

"Can I see myself doing your business?"

Prospects won’t join if they can’t see themselves successfully talking to others.

All business requires communication, people to speak at some point to someone else.

The solution?

In our presentations, and training include stories of how other new Advisors/Managers talked to their friends successfully. Maybe one of their friends said, "Of course. That just makes sense."

Our prospects will relate to these stories and then have confidence they can move forward with us and succeed.​

Want to make presentations a lot easier?

Start by saying these exact words:

"Before I show you how this works, let me tell you what happened to me."

Our prospects will then turn off their salesman alarms, and listen to the story of what happened to us.

Our message is more powerful when we don’t have to fight scepticism and doubt.

Check our faces.

We are trained to pre-judge faces. Our prospects read our faces first. What clues are they looking for?

·         Are you a salesman?

·         Can I believe you?

·         Why are you frowning?

·         What is your agenda?

From childhood, we learn to read other people’s faces, and then prejudge their intentions.

Look in the mirror and see if our facial expressions are holding us back.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then can one story make us rich?

Ask ourselves, "What is my best story for my business?"

If our story is good, our prospects will understand. They will see themselves in our story, and want to join or buy from us, our advice, product or service.​


  • What do you call a bulletproof Irish man? Rick O'Shea
  • Talk is cheap unless you hire a lawyer.




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