I get asked this question a lot!

Many people ask, "What should I put on my About Page? I have an About Page for Facebook, LinkedIn, etc."

Depending on the platform, there are more advanced strategies. But for now, here is an easy one to get us started.

Why do people come to our About Page? Well, if we are in business, they come to see if we can help them with their business. An easy statement to include in our About Page is, "I help people to."​

Some examples?

"I help people to ..." get more clients for their business."
"I help people to ..." get more confidence."
"I help people to ..." get to create a plan for their business” 
"I help people to ..." make their skin look 10 years younger in only 30 days." 
"I help people to ..." to be more independent and work out of their homes."

This is a good way to start. Can we get better? Certainly. But let’s at least do the minimum for now.

Getting people to listen to us.

People hear us loud and clear when we agree with them. People have an instant hearing deficiency when we disagree with them.

If we want to get people to hear us, we have to agree with their current beliefs. Certainly, we can find a few beliefs that we can agree on.

Here is an example.

Our prospects say, "I don’t believe I need your advice." If we disagree, our prospects won’t even hear our side of the argument. We will have to agree to be heard. Let’s try this.

Our prospects say, ""I don’t believe I need your advice."   

We reply, "I totally agree You have a choice to do this on your own… You are absolutely correct.

I guess the problem is what happens if we get this wrong?

What is the consequence?

And then we move on and describe the problem of getting it wrong, the expense, the discomfort and the embarrassment?

Zoom call trainings for your team or company.

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At an optometrist's office: "If you don't see what you're looking for, you've come to the right place."
At the entrance to a funeral company: "Drive carefully. We'll wait."




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