Here is all you have to know about the coronavirus lockdown.

When you wanted to meet someone who didn't live close to your house, what did you do?

We picked up the telephone or sent them a message.

Now with the coronavirus, nothing has changed.

Can we use the coronavirus as an excuse not to contact people?

Oh wait!  Some things did change.

     #1. More people are at home, so they are easier to get in touch with.

    #2. Fewer people can use the excuse they don't have any time.

    #3. Lets Look at what problems our clients or prospects have, and look at how we can solve this, they will need our advice even more.

People pay to have problems sorted.

What do I do?

I help people get more clients. Some technical professionals are brilliant at their technical skills but need help with soft skills.

That’s my skill set. What is your skill set?

 What problems do you solve?

The highest level of rapport is to make people aware of a problem they did know they had.

So focus on clients/prospects problems. Not your features and benefits.     

If we think we have it tough, this short video for the NHS nurses made me so grateful and proud.

Click here

Tough times will eventually go tough people last.

Stay safe Bernie





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