Does it take 21 days to develop a habit?

No. Many people stop smoking for 21 days and return to smoking. Others diet for 21 days and regain the weight.

It is not the length of time that creates a habit. The two factors are:

How important the result is to us?
The intensity of the experience.

Intensity of the experience?

Yes, the stronger the experience, the easier it is to create a lifelong habit.

For example, let’s say we accidentally rest our hand on a hot burner on the stove. We burn our flesh almost to the bone. That is intense. From that day forward, we have a habit of never putting our hand on a stove burner again, regardless if it is hot or not.

In only one minute, we have developed a lifelong habit.

So doing something over and over again helps, but it won’t guarantee a lifelong habit.

Habits are better than goals

  • How often have we set a goal to go to bed at a certain time?
  • Have we ever set a goal to wake up at a certain time in the morning?
  • Did we set a goal to eat lunch today?
  • Did we set a goal to watch our favourite television show last night?

All these activities happened automatically. Habits work.

What habit can we create that automatically builds our business?


A Bit of Humour for You

A cat goes to the vet feeling very unwell.

The vet does a thorough examination.

He then turns to the cat and with a grave face says,

"I'm afraid its bad news. It's curiosity." 







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