What's in a Name?

In sales we often hear the importance of using the client or prospect's name. Despite this, it seems that often this is overlooked. Here's a reminder as to the importance of this massively significant communication tool...

1 It’s the number one attention getter, consciously or sub consciously.

2 It creates instant rapport.

3 It makes you feel more like a friend to the other person.

4 It’s still the 'sweetest sound' to the human ear.

5 It personalises the conversation.

6 It makes us take the interaction more seriously.

7 It's difficult to ignore a question with your name being used.

The flip side is to appreciate that over use of someone's name can have the reverse effect because it suddenly sounds patronising and possibly false.

The rule of thumb is to always use the person's name at the top of any conversation, and similarly at the end of a conversation. During the conversation, use the person's name at important points, particularly where a decision needs to be made or you need to get extra attention. 

Finally, if the person is using your name back, it means they are matching you and therefore with you... so it's also a great monitor to be assured you are connecting with them.

"A Bit of Humour for You"

- Independent: a locket which has your photo inside.

- What do you call a fat psychic? A four chin teller.

- I had three bowls of alphabetic spaghetti and had the biggest vowel movement I've ever had.




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