Most successful people do this, do you?

The New York Times recently called Elon Musk "arguably the most successful and important entrepreneur in the world." It's an easy case to make: He's probably the only person who has started four billion-dollar companies - PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City. 

Musk says, "I know sometimes I'll lose. You don't hear about my failures, because I know when to quit. I'm good at quitting. Sure it’s important to be persistent and continually innovate, but you also have to know when you're beaten."

It reminds me of being in the supermarket queue. You might think you're in the fastest queue, because it’s the shortest with the least number of items, but then the queue grinds to a halt because there's no bar code on the bread.

How long do you stay in the queue, before moving? Or do you stay where you are?

In the next newsletter you will discover the top 10 tips Elon Musk lives by and the key to his success.

Be brave and be prepared to change, stop and start again, have a great week.

A Bit of Humour for You

Some alternative definitions .....

hunch - a gut feeling you get during lunch.

lymph - to walk with a lisp.

shin - what you use to find furniture in the dark

teenager - one whose hang-ups do not include clothes.

volunteer - take on work that makes no cents.





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