Elon Musk's Rules for Success

In the last newsletter we promised you access to the secret 10 rules of success that Elon Musk believes in.

You may have read successful entrepreneur Elon Musk's 10 Rules for Success before. However, which ones are particularly related to getting new clients and sales? No surprise that they all do.

1. Never Give Up

The most successful sales people keep improving and keep going forward until they make it.

2. Really Like What You Do

If you like your product and love your market you will always be more successful

3. Don't listen to the 'Littleman'

Ignore people advising you who are unsuccessful themselves.

4. Take a Risk

Make approaches to prospects that 'scare' you.

5. Do Something Important

Look at the bigger picture in why you are in sales and relate it to your life's purpose

6. Focus on Signal over Noise

Despite all the 'interference' from that little voice in your head, focus on what you desire.

7. Look for Problem Solvers

Surround yourself by people, voices and situations that help you solve any problem.

8. Attract Great People

Upgrade your prospect list. Think bigger. Seek higher quality people to sell to.

9. Have a Great Product

Any product can be improved, particularly how it's presented. Have you reviewed yours recently?

10. Work Super Hard

There's no question that life rewards those who are prepared to put in significant effort.

You may like to pin these up somewhere. On the Fridge. On the bathroom mirror. Or as a screen saver. The other thing you may like to think about is... what would your 10 Rules for Success be and how close are they to Elon Musk's collection?

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