Questions are the answers, what questions do you ask?


It's estimated that over 5 million electric drills were sold last year. 

The people that bought the drills didn't really want a drill. What they wanted was a hole.

Questions are like drills. Answers are like holes.

One of the differences between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people ask better questions and therefore get better results.

But it’s not only the questions that you ask which shape your destiny, it's the questions that you don't ask of yourself and others.

Kids ask endless questions to satisfy their curiosity and thirst for knowledge, but sadly as we grow older the fear of admitting that we don't know, and the pressure to conform, limit our quest for the truth.

These 3 magic words will make asking questions easier…….

I’m just curious …….

These 3 magic words are soft and command the subconscious mind to give the person the answers without feeling interrogated.

For example:

  • I’m just curious, are you speaking to any other suppliers?
  • I’m just curious, how quickly do you want to solve this problem?
  • I’m just curious, when do you want to retire?
  • I’m just curious, have you allocated a budget for this project?
  • I’m just curious, how long has this problem been costing you money?
  • I’m just curious, can I make a suggestion?


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