What do you attract? This is how you can improve this, it’s so simple.

The Doc - aka my daughter Emma who is only 10 - says that I'm prone to bouts of Irritable Male Syndrome.

My computer crashing, being kept waiting and poor service seem to trigger my IMS.

Whilst the occasional whinge and moan can be cathartic, research shows that just like passive smoking, passive moaning can damage your health.

Researchers at the University of California have found that when someone complains, it lowers the mood of others in a process called neuronal mirroring. 

Complaining has also been found to be exponential in nature, in that the more you complain, the greater and more frequent your level of complaining is likely to be in the future.

In others words, the more you moan, the more you become hard wired for negativity and the more likely you are to be called a grumpy old git!

So don't become a member of the BMW* Club.

*blaming, moaning & whining.

Look for the good in every situation, of course sometimes you have to look really hard!! Have a great week.





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