What to do with ... objections!

Step #1. Agree.

We can’t win an argument.

Plus, while we are explaining our good points, the prospect isn’t listening anyway. Why? Because he is thinking of what he will say when we shut up.

If we agree, there is no need for the prospect to think of additional points to support his position. So his mind thinks, "You agreed. So there is no need for additional points. Hmmm, nothing for my mind to do now. Might as well listen to what you have to say."

Then, we go on to rapport.

Rapport- Have a fact that our prospects agrees with. They think you’re a genius and you see the world as the same point of view they do.

It’s easy, they will feel more comfortable with you. If our prospects are more comfortable with us, they are more likely to co-operate.

So we can then get their confidence to share their problems. We get paid for solving problems.

Our prospects will make a decision to pick us to solve their problems. We get a client and get paid.

Or we can try and win an argument? Let me think …………





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