Build rapport and get appointments easily

Here is an easy way to get an appointment and create an incredible bond.

Think about that tough prospect who doesn't allow appointments. Does he or she have an interest or hobby that you know of?

Go to a book store and find an appropriate book for your prospect's interests. Send the book to your prospect with a note that reads:

"Just saw this book and immediately thought of you. Hope you enjoy the book."

That's it.

The next time you call, the tough prospect will take the opportunity to thank you for your thoughtfulness. Then it will be easy to get that appointment.

Most people mass market to prospects. Your personal approach will stand out and get you that tough appointment.

A Bit of Humour for You

  • While cooking I accidentally rubbed some herbs in my eyes..... now I'm parsley sighted.
  • I was delighted when the Tax authorities wrote to me and said that my tax return was "outstanding," especially since I don't even remember sending it in.
  • A man has been shot with a starter pistol, police thinks its race related.

A doctor on his morning walk, noticed a wrinkled old lady sitting on her front step smoking a cigar, with a huge smile on her face. "I couldn't help but notice how happy you look! What's your secret?" asked the doctor.

"Every day I smoke ten cigars, drink a bottle of wine and eat pizzas and burgers. I've never done any exercise since the day I left school," replied the old lady.

"That's absolutely amazing! You must have inherited some great genes. May I ask how old you are?" asked the doctor.

"Thirty-four," she replied.





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